Reviews of the Book

The book refreshingly mixes a commitment to golf mastery with a generous dose of whimsy; allusions range from Zen to the Rolling Stones, from Phil Mickelson to Bob Dylan. - Harvard Magazine, May-June 2009,

Fitzpatrick's book is as satisfying as a 250-yard drive right down the middle of the fairway. He's content with distance because he's in deep conversation with you about Taoism, Humprey Bogart and Phil Mickelson or wheels coming off the wagon while birds sing at the edge of the fairway. I'm recommending this book for all of my clients and playing partners. Golf should be as much fun as this book!! - Betsy Larey, LPGA Certified Instructor

I was especially intrigued when I got to the part about developing an intimate relationship by wearing a blindfold and inventing games until I realized the relationship was with a putter. And they say poets are a troubled lot...! But Fitzpatrick, with his warm and joyful style and with assists from sources as divergent as Shakespeare and the Rolling Stones, is here to help. - Ellie Schoenfeld, poet

Phil's book is a great example how the game of golf can be so influential (driving force? (no pun intended)) in the lives of golfers regardless of ability. - Paul Schintz, Club Pro, Lester Park Golf Course, Duluth, Minnesota

Phil puts it all together with a healthy dose of easy good-heartedness, plain language, and common sense. When his two favorite golf books are the Bible and the Tao Te Ching, you know you're in for an unusual treat...The Zen Master story in Chapter 12 is one of the most vividly funny pieces I've read in a long time. For me, the book was more than a good read, it was therapy. I'm not a big believer in things like synchronicity or "it was meant to be," but getting that book as a gift happened at the perfect time. When I was befuddled or discombobulated over the last couple of weeks, picking up Phil's book helped to put me back together. - Cliff Wickstrom, St. Paul postal employee

I stopped everything - unpacking, checking mail, checking e-mail, grabbing a bite - to browse your latest. Terrific! You've brought all your golfing expertise and wisdom and all your literary insights and mastery to give the world a smashing book of golfing fulfillment....This instant classic needs to be on every bookstore, airport and library shelf in the country. - William Crout, Founder and Curator, The Paul Tillich Lectures, Harvard University